Parkediem is a mobile application for Android and iOS systems, designed for identifying the nearest parking areas to the place where you are or where you are going and for the electronic payment of the stalls.
The app shows a map of the nearest parking areas to your GPS coordinates or destination point and provides a navigation function to guide you to the selected parking. For each parking the user can view the number of free stalls and the travel time to reach the destination.

Through an automatic payment mechanism, any user can enter the data of his own car and proceed with the payment of parking. With this app it’s also possible to extend the park by setting a new time interval.

With Parkediem you can:

          Save time: all operations for the stop become faster through the smart phone
  Save money: no car ride searching a free parking space and the chance to pay only for the effective time of the stop.
  Easy identification areas: you can view each car park and the free stalls on a map
          Manage your profile: at the registration step the user can enter the data of its own car and paying card

Reduce the emissions from traffic, harmful for the environment