Noticity is a mobile application for Android and iOS systems designed for public administrations and citizens, with the aim of actively involve people in the regeneration of urban environments, creating a direct link between citizens and public administrations.

With this app every citizen can notify and send pictures on the problems of their city, as road damage, uneven sidewalks, garbage left on the street, vandalism, road signs problems and neglected green areas.

Each message is automatically localized by GPS and sent to operators that will taking it in charge. Each registered user can see the list of its reports and view the status in which they are located.

The app offers also a "game" to the citizens, who can participate in an online league for the election of more virtuous citizen that can earn scores through the reports and by following some simple rules:

          Make a report for each case

Write clear and complete reports: words are important so each report must be clear and comprehensive

  Take a picture: images fully render the idea of the problem you want to report and allow a rapid assessment to take action