Smartgrids are “smart networks” in which traditional solutions are combined with innovative and digital solutions to make network management more flexible thanks to a faster and more efficient information exchange. In this context there is iEnergy, a software platform developed by KES with the aim of providing Energy Managers and, more in general, all industrial operators careful to energy requirements and plant and production costs, functionalities to monitor and optimize energy resources. iEnergy is a modular, scalar and interoperable solution that can be lowered into different realities and customized according to the needs of the single plant, keeping its main and characterizing aspects unchanged


The core of the platform is a Decision Support System (DSS) able to indicate to operators the energy behaviors to be followed in order to meet the electrical and thermal demand of the plant at the lowest possible cost.
The DSS is based on an optimization system that, starting from the knowledge of devices that are in the microgrid and from the generation forecasts from renewable energy sources, determines, for the next 24 hours, the operating modes and the operating time of each generator aiming to meet the company production plans at the lowest possible cost through the hourly selection of the device capable of supplying the required electrical and thermal energy at the lowest price. 
The optimization involves, also, the energy exchange with the main network, indicating to the operators when to buy the necessary energy or to sell the excess one.


iEnergy allows the daily monitoring of consumption and production of energy taking into account all the devices connected to the microgrid in the plant. Generators and loads are managed through an Asset Management system that associates each real device with its virtual correspondent creating a registry containing specific information (brand, model, ..) and technical information (operating modes, powers and costs, .. .). Data are acquired by the system and made available to the operator who can analyze the overall energy performance of the plant and set alarm thresholds for anomalous or unexpected values.   

iEnergy provides to the operator a series of comparison graphs to monitor the effective use of the DSS and therefore the achievement of the calculated economic savings. The system compares, in particular, the expected energy demand with that actually measured and the use of generators actually carried out with the behavior suggested by the optimization process. In this way it is possible to verify quickly divergent behaviors, to highlight unexpected energy profiles that do not coincide with the indicated production plans and to act in a targeted manner in the operations to be corrected.

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