iCity is a software solution IoT ready  for monitoring, management and control of a smart city, it is able to integrate heterogeneous information about the status of the city and to generate intelligence, improving daily life.
iCity consists of different modules, one for each application domain characterizing a smart city, from the energy to the mobility.
iCity collects and analyzes data from sensors located around the city and offers applications that benefit from the correlation of collected data  regarding mobility, safety, environment and energy.

Modules and functionalities

iCity consists of several modules that cover different domains of a smart city offering services and specific solutions for each one of them.

The operating logic 
iCity operating logic can be summarized in four phases:
  • data acquisition (sensors, citizens, Big / Open data)
  • extraction of information useful for the application context (Big Data Analytics)
  • definition of scenarios and correlation of information
  • Decision Support (DSS - Decision Support System)

Software architecture

The iCity platform is based on a multi-level architecture, modular and organized into components and services according to the standard SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) meeting the criteria of safety, reliability, scalability and portability.

The different layers are:

  • Device layer: a set of heterogeneous sensors from which the data, through different communication channels such as ADSL or optical fiber, GSM / GPRS, 3G / UMTS, Wi-Fi and radio links, are picked up and / or post.
  • Communication layer: consists of a proprietary communication gateway able to interface different protocols, to manage the queues and priorities and to produce output data conforming to the Common Information Model (CIM) standard.
  • Middleware layer: is the core of the solution, where the correlation processes, optimization algorithms and all processing of the collected data are performed
  • Application layer: is the set of all the applications offered by the platform for the management and control.

The amount of data coming from the network requires, however, a different approach for the management and acquisition techniques. The use of cloud computing to store, archive and process information doesn’t guarantee the conversion of data into "intelligence". 
For this reason, i-City use modern and innovative technologies of Big Data cloud to extract "knowledge", paying particular attention to the "social" through the Sentiment Analysis techniques.
The produced data, suitably filtered by a correlation module, combine to describe the overall current scenario in terms of energy, security and mobility. The scenarios, outlined by collecting data and their processing, provide a snapshot of the state of the city  and from scenarios iCity can identify actions for improvement to be taken in the various areas (Decision Support System ).
In this sense it is possible to highlight critical issues or simply provide a "view" on the parameters that determine the quality and welfare of citizens. In terms of mobility, for example, traffic congestion has not only an important impact on the quality of the environment (air pollution) but can also affect how fuel expenditure that each driver supports (acceleration and vehicle speed determine the amount of C02 emitted in the atmosphere that has a relationship of direct proportionality with the fuel consumption). In this case the implementation phase of iCity may result in a traffic targeted planning, obtained from the correlation of all the information available to the platform.

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