iCity is an IoT ready software solution to monitore, manage and control a smart city, able to integrate heterogeneous information regarding the status of the city generating knowledge and improving daily life.
iCity consists of different modules, one for each application domain characterizing a smart city, from the energy to the mobility.

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Parkediem is a mobile application for Android and iOS systems, designed for identifying the nearest parking areas to the place where you are or where you are going and for the electronic payment of the stalls.

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iEnergy is a software platform that allows real-time monitoring of loads and generators in a microgrid and promotes the integration of renewable energy sources in industrial processes through the optimization of resources and the minimization of energy costs.

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Noticity is a mobile application for Android and iOS systems designed for public administrations and citizens, with the aim of actively involve people in the regeneration of urban environments, creating a direct link between citizens and public administrations.

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KSM (Kes Security Management) is an active surveillance system, created to overcome the limitations of traditional surveillance by implementing a "smart" system, which is able to automatically detect the risk scenarios, generating alerts only in situations setted as dangerous.

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M-Toursit is a mobile application for Android and iOS systems designed to guide you through the discovery of the historical-cultural heritage of the city you live in or that you are visiting as tourists.

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