KES project

 Knowledge Based Environment for Security (KSM) is the starting project of the company. Funded by MINISTERO DELLA RICERCA thanks to the Article 11 of Law 593 and has provided the creation of a software solution for the security management of critical infrastructure

The aim of the KES project is to create an active and intelligent video surveillance system that allows the monitoring and control of sensitive sites. The implemented system, called KSM (Kes Security Management) is a software platform that implements an innovative video surveillance system for the outdoor control of historical and cultural heritage, KSM can operate in various domains thanks to an innovative architecture, scalable and highly efficient, that responds to the SOA paradigm (Service Oriented Architecture).
Differently from the traditional solutions, KSM lead a knowledge network created by the devices (sensors, cameras, ...) placed for monitoring critical areas. The devices do not operate  "individually" but cooperate to ensure that the scenario will be defined automatically and robustly with a considerable reduction in the number of falses. And upon this is principle the correlation engine of  KSM, through spatial and temporal correlation of events intercepted by the sensors in the field, has "knowledge" of the scenario in place and can act autonomously, alerting with email, sms and activating bollards etc.

The distributed architecture of the KSM, also, has a strong influence on the performance, in terms of computational burden.
The elementary survey is dedicated to a single device (in case of video cameras is obtained through sophisticated computer vision algorithms) while the correlation engine defins the scenario, through the elementary events processing.
Through the design and implementation of a Knowledge Management system, KSM provides analysis and scanning of the environment by intercepting scenes and movements, sending information and tips related to the control room and automatically initiating alert in case a situation of danger will be identified. KSM presents a module for the action workflow management that tracks the whole flow of operations performed from the start of the alert until its closure (reestablished security). The project was entirely developed by KES, from the identification of the sensors (cameras) to be used and the design of the communication network, to the development of the correlation engine and the operations center and it took as a pilot the Trajan's Arch monument in the town of Benevento.