G.R.E.C.O. project

Global & Reliable End to End e-Commerce & On Line Service Platform (G.R.E.C.O.) belongs to Industria 2015 Bando Nuove Tecnologie per il Made in Italy,  area obiettivo “C – presidio strategico dei mercati” sotto area “C3 – soluzioni e-commerce e di market intelligence” .
The aim of the project called G.R.E.C.O. is the research and the experimental development of innovative solutions for the WINE SECTOR MADE IN ITALY, supporting promotion, marketing and sale of Italian wine products on both national and international markets. 


In this perspective, the project involves the development of tools and integrated business solutions and marketing intelligence and the application of technological cooperative solutions to completely manage all the transactions, the orders and the customer relations management.
Moreover were evaluated sophisticated statistical and mathematical techniques studied in the KDD (Knowledge Discovery on Base Date) and DATA MINING contexts, designed to identifying and delineating communities and clients and to define pattern, criteria and guidelines for the implementation of marketing campaigns and analyze their returns and to identifying potentially fraudulent communities that use to make counterfeiting operation on national and international markets.
New solutions have been developed focused to the complete integration of the production data, sales orders, distribution and delivery to the customers, through the governance of information from the companies and from the operators involved. In this way you can raise the level of efficiency and effectiveness of operational procedures, to meet customer demand and to limit potential critical situations on operational processes.