iCity is a project of the  "Sportello dell'Innovazione: progetti di trasferimento tecnologico cooperativi e di prima industrializzazione per le imprese innovative ad alto potenziale”, produced in collaboration with Italdata S.p.A. and the University of Sannio and funded by Campania Region.
The project's aim is to design a monitoring and control platform  for a smart city, which integrates various subsystems and provides the citizens stakeholder all the capabilities for the optimization of internal organizational processes in order to improving the services offered to their community .

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Knowledge Based Environment for Security (KSM) is the starting project of the company. Funded by MINISTERO DELLA RICERCA thanks to the Article 11 of Law 593 and has provided the creation of a software solution for the security management of critical infrastructure

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Global & Reliable End to End e-Commerce & On Line Service Platform (G.R.E.C.O.) belongs to Industria 2015 Bando Nuove Tecnologie per il Made in Italy,  area obiettivo “C – presidio strategico dei mercati” sotto area “C3 – soluzioni e-commerce e di market intelligence” .

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"Sustainable-Smart Grid Open System for the Aggregated  Control, Monitoring and Management of Energy" (e-GOTHAM) is a project funded by the Artemis framework, based on the idea of splitting an electric grid in micro grids, clustered according to the energetic activity type carried out in order to increase communication between all those that are involved and to optimize the choice of energy sources to be used.

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"ICT-based Intelligent management of Integrated RES for the smart grid optimal operation" (I3RES) is a project of the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7), whose objectives are the integration of renewable energy sources into the distribution network, optimization energy flows entering the network, using the latest generation of storage systems to reduce fluctuations and the definition of processes between the different actors involved in an energy micro grid, the Consumer, the Distributor System Operator (DSO) and the 'AGGREGATOR'.

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