Sistema Integrato per la gestione della mobilità urbana

The project "Sistema Integrato per la gestione della mobilità urbana" was developed for the Municipality of Avellino in collaboration with Italdata S.p.A., Project Automation and Mizar.  It 'a "Smart Mobility" project aimed to create a system of integration of all the mobility areas, grouped in the iCity platform

Within this project was designed and implemented a Central Control Unit to monitore and control the urban mobility, available in three different aspects.


The traffic control system has been designed to control and manage the traffic on the road network through the installation of special sensors. 
With this system is also possible to manage the Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ) and the related informations that show the active limitations.


The "City Safety" system has been designed to provide the Avellino municipality of a flexible and innovative solution to prevent acts of vandalism and crime. There have been installed cameras for video surveillance of the main streets and the collected data are sent to a control room which allows the real time control of the shooting images. In addition, the images are stored in a recording system that can be queried to recover detailed information on the areas kept under surveillance.


The "Environment" system was designed and implemented to identifying the main meteorological  and environmental pollution parameters in the area. The data, collected through electronic devices installed in the city, are collected in the Central Office and are available easily and in real time.