Ricostituzione del potenziale forestale ed interventi preventivi

Within the project "Ricostituzione del potenziale forestale ed interventi preventivi" funded by the Campania Region has been realized an Environmental Monitoring System with thirty data acquisition stations distributed throughout the territory of the Alta Irpinia Mountain Community of Calitri (AV).


These stations acquire the  temperature and humidity of the soil at 70 cm deep in the ground, the data are then correlated with the atmospheric parameters and sent to a control room located at the headquarters of the Mountain Community in Calitri. The thirty installations are located in the six SIC areas of the sixteen municipalities of the mountain community. The implemented software solution are able to geo-localize the environmental control units through a GIS system and provide forecasts and warnings in order to increase the prevention of forest fires, that every year threaten the beautiful landscape of Alta Irpinia. The main activities in this project were the design and installation of environmental control stations,  the implementation of the communication infrastructure for the data collection, the  implementation of algorithms correlation between the data collected and environmental ones, the integration of a GIS system and the realization of a warning management system .