Comune di Aiello del Sabato

For the Municipality of Aiello del Sabato were designed and implemented a sophisticated video surveillance system and an hotspot based wifi network  for free Internet access.


Implemented through a wireless Hyperlan network, the system offers high-resolution video cameras (Fixed and PTZ) installed on 14 municipal sites, able to acquire the images and to forward these to the Central Office at the Town Hall. Through the KES solution called KSM (Kes Security Management) the system becomes "intelligent" and automatically detects (without the continuous presence of an operator) the intrusion of people or vehicles in scheduled areas (urban area and illegal dumps) generating warnings that are sent immediately to the operators in charge of security through a predefined channel (SMS, e-mail, social networks). The system is regulated by an hybrid network infrastructure (Hiperlan and 3G) that, through dedicated subnets, ensure the acquisition of images at the Central Office and provides the Internet connection to citizens reaching the historic center and the main fractions. A software module manages the accesses of citizens and controls any abuses.

The overall system is a technology and communications infrastructure that the City can use for innovative services to the community: dissemination of information and the institutional activities electronic access to municipal offices.

All planning and implementation activities were carried out by KES.