Knowledge Environment Security (KES), is a company focused in development of services and solutions in the Information and Communication Technology sector.

The company mission is to be a bridge between academic and industrial worlds, offering innovative products and services with high technological potential.

KES participated in several research projects in the sectors of smartgrid, security, management of environmental resource and control of urban mobility, identifying in the in Smart Grid and Smart City  paradigms its growth and development path.



What we do

Smart cities solutions

KES offers a solutions called iCity, modular scalable and customizable aimed at Public Administrations and citizens in order to provide tools for monitoring, control and cooperation in the different areas of a Smart City.

Smart Grids solutions

In smartgrid sector KES offers the iEnergy solution aimed to Private and Public Companies with energy optimization requirements.
iEnergi supports Energy Managers in monitoring, control and optimization of electricity microgrids promoting the integration of renewable energy sources, the use of storage systems and the optimization of resources.

Mobile Applications

KES provides software solutions for development of  “ad hoc” mobile applications, full responsive and tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Company profile